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  • A Friends To Lovers & Second Chance Romance

    Between Christopher, the captain of the Colorado Storm, and Summer, the girl he left behind.

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    When Christopher MacCormack made the game-winning goal to win the Cup, he could think of only one person—Summer Gunderson, the girl who got away. There was no doubt she was watching with the rest of his hometown of Fossebridge, Minnesota. Was she proud of him? Did she still think of him the way he thinks of her, despite what happened in their past?


    Life in Fossebridge has been pretty easygoing for Summer until the pride of her hometown won the league championship. As the digital media and video editor of the local newspaper, she's assigned to cover Christopher MacCormack's return to Fossebridge with the Cup. Seeing Christopher for the first time in years ignites all the feelings and sparks of attraction she used to have for him. He'd been her everything until a fateful night their senior year when their lives changed forever.


    While the whole town is focused on Christopher during his visit, his focus is set on Summer. Is it because of the confessional email he got from her the night the Storm won the Cup—the email which dared him to hope that their past could be overcome? That's certainly part of it. Maybe it's just this simple, unending truth: if Summer Gunderson is in the room, there's no way Christopher MacCormack can take his eyes off her.

  • Meet Christopher and Summer

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    Christopher doesn’t remember a time when he didn’t play hockey in his small town of Fossebridge, Minnesota. He’s made it big, scoring the game-winning goal for the cup championship and was league MVP. Passions include: owning goalies, kohlrabi smoothies, and Summer Gunderson.

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    Summer is a southern girl who moved to the small town Fossebridge, Minnesota at age 10 after her father died. Works at her momma’s diner and helps her best friend produce the Fossebridge Gazette. Passions include: video arts, jelly donuts, and being there for her friends and family.

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