• Push

    Storm defender and mountain man, Nikolas Huxley, never planned on getting married again. But all that changes when he meets Adaline Khoury in Las Vegas.

    Cover of the novel Push by Ellie Malouff. A older man with ripped muslces and a tight t-shirt stands in front of taped hockey sticks.

    When botanical shop owner Adaline "Ada" Khoury ties the knot with hockey star Nikolas "Hux" Huxley in a spontaneous Vegas wedding, it’s all about proving points: she’s tired of her family’s matchmaking antics, and he’s reeling from his ex’s annulment request to clear the way for a church wedding. What was meant to be a bold statement soon turns into a dilemma when they sober up—there's a legally binding tie with someone they barely know.


    Back in Colorado, the plan is simple: get an annulment and move on. But Hux finds himself dragging his feet, charmed by Ada’s spirit and genuineness, finding excuses to keep their mistaken marriage intact a little longer.


    Ada, needing a buffer from her family's pressure to settle down with the insufferable family friend George, ropes Hux into playing her famous hockey player date at her cousin's wedding. As they step into their roles, the line between pretend and reality blurs. Ada and Hux start to enjoy each other's company far beyond their initial schemes.


    Caught in a spontenaous marriage that feels increasingly real, both must confront their reasons for walking down that aisle in Vegas. With genuine feelings on the line, Ada and Hux face a choice: chalk up their wedding to a drunken mistake, or give this unexpected love a fighting chance.

  • Meet Hux and Ada

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    Nikolas Huxley gave up living a conventional life when his ex-wife left him. Now he spends most of his off-ice time alone and in the mountains. Until he meets intriguing Ada, who has a way of breaking him down and pulling him back in. Passions include: the sound of blades on ice, strong coffee, and sleeping under the stars.

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    Adaline Khoury doesn't know a thing about hockey, nor does it impress her that the guy she met in Las Vegas is one of the best defensemen to play in the past decade. His eyes on the other hand...Passions include: botany, Lebanese rice, and spending time with family.

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