• Velocity - Second Law of Motion

    Book 2, Colorado Storm Hockey Series

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    Colorado Storm Hockey Series

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    Reckless—that's the label my family has given me. After my arrest during the last hockey season, as my dad's team was on the path to winning the cup, the reputation has clung to me like a shadow. Now, a year later, I'm doing everything in my power to leave the past behind. However, when a snowstorm unexpectedly traps me with the Colorado Storm's star goalie, Alex "Hawk" Hawkins, in a local superstore, the temptation to break all the rules is simply too strong to resist. We can't be together, though. My dad would never allow his prized player to be distracted by his so-called reckless daughter.




    Success has always come easily to me—hockey, women, life. But when fate throws me together with Alexandria Bliss, my coach's beautiful and enigmatic daughter, I find myself facing the most challenging test yet. She's determined to redeem her reputation with her family and avoid upsetting her father, but I can't help but pursue her heart, even if it means we start as friends. I know I have my work cut out for me, but I'm up for the challenge. As we navigate the thin ice of this situation, I can only hope that it can endure the mounting pressure of our mutual attraction before it shatters beneath us.

  • Meet Alex and Alex

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    Alex Hawkins

    Everything in life comes easily to Hawk, even hockey. Getting ladies into bed also comes easily. But there's nothing easy about pursuing the one girl he can't get out of his head, Alex Bliss. Passions include: shut outs, green chili, and being naked whenever possible.

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    Alex Bliss

    Getting stuck in a snowstorm with Alex Hawkins tops off what has already been a crazy year since her arrest. The fact that he's her dad's number one goalie is one more complication she doesn't need. Passions include: painting, sugar cereal, and her cat Blue.

  • Other Books in the Colorado Storm Hockey Series

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    When Christopher MacCormack returns to his hometown with the Stanley Cup, he encounters Summer Gunderson, the girl who got away. Can they get a second chance at love?

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    Storm defender and mountain man, Nikolas Huxley, never planned on getting married again. But all that changes when he meets Adaline Khoury in Las Vegas.