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One Week!

Between The Waves releases June 28

Holy crap! We are one week away from the release of my debut Between The Waves. I’m not freaking out, you’re freaking out. Okay, you’re probably not freaking out but I bet you’re mildly curious if you’re reading this.

I recently did an interview for a blog tour that’s happening next week. Check it out below...

Tell us about Between The Waves.
Between The Waves is about a woman on the run from Chicago and she picks the small (fictitious) town of Manalua on the island of Maui to hide. After a month of hanging out in paradise on her own, she gets bored and decides to take surfing lessons from the town’s hottie, a former pro-surfer named Jake. They hit it off right away, but there’s so much he doesn’t know about her like where she’s actually from, why she’s moved to Manalua or even her real name. The lies pile up while they start getting down (picture a private beach). As you can imagine, her past doesn’t stay hidden for long, and while she’s ready to face it alone, he stands by her.
Where did you get the idea for the story?
Oh gosh, this is a little embarrassing. If you follow Chris Hemsworth on social media, you've seen dozens of photos and videos of him surfing. Day after day, he's posting surfing stuff on his Instagram stories, and suddenly I was appreciating surfing. Besides the fact that he's ridiculously good-looking, I think his love of surfing is kind of unique, so he served as the original inspiration. I woke up one Saturday morning after dreaming about it and was like, why the hell not? Let's write this thing. I sketched a basic outline in an hour. Of course, it took quite a few turns since I made that outline. Adding in the suspense angle and Audrey's story made it super fun to write.
Have you ever surfed before? I live in Colorado, so we're more apt to snowboard. I've been to plenty of beaches on vacation as a kid and did my fair share of body boarding, but I haven't actually surfed. I haven't even seen Point Break, so I had quite a learning curve.
What can we expect from other books in the Love Overseas series?
Destination romance! At least for us mainland North Americans. All the stories are about women that leave their homes behind for adventures overseas. Between The Waves takes place in Hawaii. The next novel Be What Love Is takes place in England and is set in a lavish Somerset estate. It was recently named a finalist in the Contemporary Romance Writers of America Stiletto contest, which I’m still reeling about. After that is Pull At My Heart, which takes place in Ireland and may be my favorite one in the series. Eoghan, the hero, is to die for. I love to travel when I read and especially when I write.
When can we expect those books?
Be What Love Is and Pull At My Heart are already written. I actually wrote those before Between The Waves. I hope to release them at some point this year. They're bigger too. Between The Waves is a short novel, but the second and third novel push 100,000 words.
Are you doing anything beyond the series?
Yes, I've got a new standalone contemporary in progress and I’m planning a three book hockey series.
This is your debut, how did you get your start in romance?
Like quite a few before me, I devoured the Twilight series in late 2008 and was destroyed. I couldn't imagine reading anything else. So, I decided to write my own novel. I studied creative writing extensively in college and had done some fiction writing, but nothing like this. I was hooked. I loved writing romance more than anything after that. The novel ended up being a hot mess and 500 pages. It will probably never see the light of day.
Where can we find you online?
I'm all over the place. I love to connect with other book enthusiasts so add me and let’s talk.

Where can we purchase the book?
Between The Waves is available for a discounted rate of $1.99 in ebook format for the first week of release. If you’re into paperback, I’ve got those too available for $9.99! You can find it at these booksellers