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    Get swept away to Maui

    Book one in the Love Overseas Series


    Paperback and e-book available.

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  • Sex, suspense, and surfing in one enticing tale of a woman who calls herself Audrey Logan.

    I moved to a small town on the island of Maui, ready to live out my days on my own and far away from the monster I left back in Chicago.


    It was the perfect reset until I needed something more. Someone more.


    When I met Jake, the hottest guy in board shorts this side of the island, I started to live again. He's teaching me how to surf, making my toes curl from pleasure, and is the one person I want to let into my world, with one condition...


    He can never know my real name.


    No one can.


    Because if I'm found, the life I'm building with Jake will vanish.

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    Amanda Christina Reviews

    Malouff's debut is compulsively readable, sexy, and fun. Stories like this make life a little happier.

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    Rabid Reader's Book Blog

    Hot surfer...check. Strong and independent woman...check. Swoon worthy romance...check. This book has it all! And I loved every minute of this.

  • 4,196.3 miles

    That’s how far Sara Thompson has gone to escape her life in Chicago and forge a new one as Audrey Logan in the small town of Manalua on the island of Maui. Waking up to the Pacific Ocean in your backyard isn’t too shabby, but laying on the beach by day and watching old movies by night has lost its thrill. When a local recommends taking surfing lessons from one of Manalua’s best, she jumps on the opportunity. It also doesn’t hurt that the instructor is the hottest guy in board shorts this side of the island.

    Six surfing lessons

    Jake Garrant has been living in his famous father’s shadow his whole life. Having his own professional surfing career helped set him apart until he left that world behind to be a guardian to his younger brother and run the town’s beloved surf shop. Life moves pretty slow on the island until one day a mysterious black haired beauty in a Cubs cap asks for surfing lessons. Jake commits to six lessons and does his level best to keep it professional, but he can’t help falling for a woman named Audrey Logan.

    One terrible riptide

    As each lesson goes by, the heat between them grows and they give into their desires until suddenly 4,196.3 miles isn’t far enough and they have to face the ultimate riptide.

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  • About Between The Waves

    Between The Waves is a contemporary romance novella (40,000 words). It was published by Persephone Publishing LLC on June 28, 2018, and is available in ebook and paperback at major online retailers.


    This novella is intended for mature audiences (18 and over only). It contains sexual content and violence.

    Author's Note

    I wrote this romantic novella in 2018, before I fully understood the unsustainable nature of Hawaiian tourism and its detrimental impact on the islands and their people. It's important to recognize that vacationing in Hawaii can contribute to various issues, such as the displacement of Hawaiians due to tourism development, the diversion of vital resources like water to maintain and expand tourism infrastructure, pollution of Hawaiian lands and waters, and many other harmful consequences affecting the Hawaiian people. At the time of writing, I was drawn to the beauty of the setting, but my perspective was limited by my own naivety and a superficial understanding of the islands' history. By including this note, I hope to raise awareness about these critical issues and encourage others to educate themselves on the challenges faced by the Hawaiian people, as it is crucial that we approach tourism in Hawaii with a more informed, responsible, and sustainable mindset.