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Update on Push

At the beginning of the year I made a blog post about taking a break and stepping away from writing. 2023 had been a tumultus year and losing my dad to cancer was a lot to go through and take on after his passing. The work on his estate continues, but I've had time to rest and regroup in 2024 and I'm ready to keep going.

I'm currently tucked away at a lovely Colorado inn with a lot of other local romance authors for a retreat. We had a blizzard last night, which is kind of fitting for writing a Colorado Storm Hockey romance novel.

Push is coming along now. It's got some very good tropes. Here's a sample of something I wrote yesterday about our favorite grumpy defenseman Hux from Ada's persepctive.

I believe in coffee above all things. Coffee is magic. Coffee is life. The hotel bakery has been my go-to for an Americano every morning and afternoon while we’ve been in Vegas. It’s also been my favorite moment of peace away from Kyla and her obnoxious friends. On our last day, before we head back to Denver, I made sure to get up extra early to enjoy it for as long as possible. With my Americano and an almond croissant, I find a corner table with a bench seat to relax and enjoy it. The coffee has just touched my lips when I see him. My husband.


He doesn’t see me, which is just how I want it to be. It gives me a chance to check him out freely, with out limits. He’s wearing black slacks and a tight white dress shirt, with the top few buttons undone. No tie. He has a matching black jacket hanging over one arm. He looks even better this morning than he did last night. Freshly showered, his dark hair is wet and tied back, his beard trimmed up, and his muscles seem to ripple with every motion he makes beneath his white dress t-shirt. Something I didn’t even notice last night was how he fills out a pair of pants. His thighs are thick. The word that comes to mind is powerful. And I suppose that makes sense, he plays hockey. I don’t know much about the sport, but I’ve got to imagine it takes a lot of core strength.


And then another thought comes to mind. He’s probably incredible in bed. The men I’ve been with have never made me feel small or dainty by any means. But this man right here—this husband of mine, at least for today—could probably toss me onto a bed easily, and for the first time in my life that idea is extremely appealing to me.


He’s like a sexy lumberjack and I can imagine him splitting wood without breaking a sweat, then lifting me from the ground and carrying me over his shoulder directly to the bedroom.

A photo of a laptop in a common room


Blizzard aftermath